Why Photography is more than taking photos

Why Photography is more than taking photos

Vista de humo amarillo sobre fondo negro

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Within your circle of friends, would you be able to differentiate those who photograph from those taking photos?

Vista de humo amarillo sobre fondo negro

The word photography comes from the Greek terms “phos” (light) and “grafis” (to write). That would bring us the expression “writing with light”. The metaphor is a brilliant definition of the photographic technique, but unfortunately somewhat limited.

Taking photos is a two-century-old practice that has become more and more common and accessible to all publics. In fact, it is weird being in a crowded place and not seeing someone taking pictures with a cell phone or a camera.

Photography is much more than taking photos. It paints, draws or registers a moment, capturing reality and moving the spectator. It it has several types: portraits, travel photography, nature photography, architecture, sports photography, historical or artistic. Photography is a whole, formed by a group of elements that acquire their real meaning in a snapshot. The photographer – with his particular world vision – and the camera – with its own technical characteristics – take the leading role in this movie.

As you will see, at Trucofoto our passion goes beyond taking photos, beyond writing with light. Obviously we wont exclude the possibility of actually doing so, for example we will show you how to write or draw with light. (i.e. if you let a stable source of light point to your camera and leave periods of long exposure you can get really cool things)

Art is the human creation of something beautiful through the imagination or the imitation of reality. That is photography for us: art that speaks a universal language without words. However its interpretation can vary depending on the eyes and the culture one looks at it.

Trucofoto wonders what is photography for you? Do you take photos or do you photograph?


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