Searching Nature in your Urban Photos

Searching Nature in your Urban Photos

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When taking urban photos one should consider that although cities took over nature, its essence remains. It is impossible to imagine cities without the existence of vegetation, birds, small mammals or the blue sky, even if contamination prevents you to see them sometimes.

Yellow car invading black & white image of urban nature

These lively elements, which one can find in streets and buildings, are the reminiscent of our origins and help to lighten up the coldness of the cement, of the concrete, of the stress and even of our faces. The pleasant symbiosis between artificial and natural things can be captured through general views or very interesting foregrounds.

Capturing those snapshots requires observation skills, sharpened attention and a lot of patience, especially if you want to photograph animals like pigeons, sparrows, swallows, cats or dogs

Very often taking urban photos requires mastering movement. Using a high shutter speed will help you to improve your dynamic snapshots. If you do not have a tripod, use any object to set your camera and get higher definition.

Try out with different lighting set ups, diverse focal lengths and zoom positions. Also, remember that high-angle shots and low-angle shots usually show powerful perspectives.

Play with the contrast created between the elements of nature and human construction, these sometimes capricious juxtapositions will offer you an original frame. And if your camera allows it, take your pictures in RAW format.

Paul Raphaelson, Britta Jaschinski o Andy Rouse are some of the most inspiring photographers for this topic, all specialized in the search for intriguing urban nature.

Trucofoto suggests: Get your camera and go on an urban safari. You must capture live those nature traces that still remain in your town’s architecture.


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