Has your photo camera a limited lifetime?

Has your photo camera a limited lifetime?

Cámara fotográfica en blanco y negro con una pegatina amarilla, con la fecha de caducidad

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Reality is as shocking as that: whatever is born, dies and your photo camera comes with an expiration date. Good news is that nobody can confirm that its life expectancy is going to conclude that very same date.

Cámara fotográfica en blanco y negro con una pegatina amarilla, con la fecha de caducidad

There are several indicators to define the lifespan of your new photo camera, which can change depending on the various types (reflex, digital-reflex, compact), brands and models. The best-known lifespan indicator is related to the number of possible shots, which can fluctuate from 25.000 to more than 200.000 frames. Most photo cameras enjoy a healthy life for over ten years – even using them professionally – but they can also suffer a heart attack at any time.

Talking about the lifespan of the equipment is only an aspect; we should as well consider the life of each of its electronic circuits and mechanic components. One of the first things to worry about is the shutter or sensor (in the digital cameras), due to the wearing out that light produces every time it comes into the camera through the lens. Also, the release button and the battery should be taken into account given the continuous use we make of them.

Damage in any of the components of your photo camera should not be identified with its funeral though. Your camera has probably a guarantee to cover most breaks and malfunctions and, sometimes, the manufacturer offers a competent repair service in exchange of a flat-fee. Worst-case scenario you can always buy a new component, but first you should consider if is worth to spend your money in bits and pieces or buy a new camera. For those willing to buy second-hand equipment, consultation with an expert regarding the general condition of the camera, and in particular the number of shots already made, is advised.

The existence of an obsolescence programmed by the manufacturer is a reality, it shortens products life with the aim of increasing sales and it has been done for over a century. Your camera might have been induced to suicide, but who is going to hold responsibility for that?

Trucofoto reminds you that it is in your hands to extend the use and enjoyment of your photo camera. It is a delicate object that needs your care and attention. She likes being nice and clean, does not enjoy bangs or extreme temperatures and water can change her forever (do you recall The Gremlins?).


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